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    Where to start cleaning?

    It has been more or less a long time since you urgently needed to clean your home again. When this urgency is reached is different for everyone. Some people clean every day, others only every Saturday, others interrupt every now and then the periods between two spring cleaning by irregular cleaning actions. The next time you clean your apartment, it should be the right time. In addition to the right cleaning utensils like a steam cleaner or a steam mop, this also includes the right approach: Where to start cleaning? For quite a few people, this is the first small problem that cleaning, in general, will sometimes move into the…

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    Why Steam Cleaners?

    Steam cleaners (and steam mops) are real all-rounders in the household. Not only floors, windows, and tiles will be spotlessly clean in no time at all, stains on upholstered furniture will also disappear. Without any effort or chemicals. Read here which criteria you should pay attention to when buying a steam cleaner, which accessories are important and which appliances you can buy with a clear conscience. How cleaning with a steam cleaner works Basically, three factors play a role in the cleaning effect of steam or high-pressure cleaners: the mechanical effect of the steam shock high temperature condensation of steam particles. At a speed of up to 180 km/h, the…

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