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Why Steam Cleaners?

Steam cleaners (and steam mops) are real all-rounders in the household. Not only floors, windows, and tiles will be spotlessly clean in no time at all, stains on upholstered furniture will also disappear. Without any effort or chemicals. Read here which criteria you should pay attention to when buying a steam cleaner, which accessories are important and which appliances you can buy with a clear conscience.

How cleaning with a steam cleaner works

Basically, three factors play a role in the cleaning effect of steam or high-pressure cleaners:

  • the mechanical effect of the steam shock
  • high temperature
  • condensation of steam particles.

At a speed of up to 180 km/h, the steam hits the surface to be cleaned and dissolves the dirt. The higher the temperature, the better the result. Unlike brushes, cloths, etc., the hot steam reaches even the finest cracks and pores, kill bacteria and controls bed bugs. When it then condenses to water again, it loosens the dirt from the substrate. This does not require any further cleaning agents.

What types of high-pressure cleaners are there?

High-pressure cleaners are available in many variants and different sizes. These include

  • the steam duck (hand steam cleaner)
  • the floor steam cleaner (similar to a vacuum cleaner)
  • the steam broom (rod shape)

Which variant to choose depends on the application of the steam mop. The handy steam duck is a good choice if you are looking for an appliance that quickly brings the kitchen or bathroom to a high gloss. Who would like to use the equipment however multi functionally, should seize to a high-quality steam broom or floor steam cleaner with additional equipment? In addition to the wattage, which provides information about the strength of the steam pressure, user-friendliness and safety are also important criteria when making a purchase. Safety is ensured on most appliances with a two-tank system and a child safety lock.

Useful accessories for steam cleaners

To clean bathroom fittings or stainless steel surfaces in the kitchen with the steam cleaner, you need the right accessories. For the bathroom, the market leader Dupray recommends point jet nozzles, which must be equipped with a brush attachment for slight calcification or soap edges. In order to keep joints clean, the nozzle should not only be moved across but also diagonally to the joint, so the recommendation.

Stainless steel surfaces in the kitchen, on the other hand, are best cleaned with a nozzle coating of plush velour. Often, brand manufacturers already include extensive accessories in the purchase price. Then steam cleaners can even iron. Thanks to the increased pressure, even multi-layer or strong fabrics are penetrated and thus smoothed by one-time ironing.

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